Core 2.0 E-Rig

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Core 2.0 E-Rig

The Core 2.0 E-Rig is an all-new portable electronic rig-style concentrate vaporizer packed full of features!


  • One button functionality for ease of use
  • Fully heated high polish ceramic vaping surface – elements inside base and walls of heater
  • Rebuildable atomizer
  • Vortex Airflow – Aluminum spinner carb cap with carb cap tether
  • Borosilicate Glass Bubbler
  • Stainless Steel Carb Cap Tube
  • Four carefully tuned heat settings
  • Isolated Aluminum and Glass Vapor Pathway
  • Low maintenance
  • Approx. 1 hour 45 minute charging time
  • 3150mah Li-Ion Battery Pack

In The Box

  • Core 2.0 E-rig Base
  • Core Bubbler
  • Aluminum Spinner Carb Cap (based on our design)
  • Carb Cap Tether (black)
  • Silicone Base Cover/Sleeve (black)
  • Atomizer with V5 heater installed
  • Spare V5 Heater
  • SS316 Dab Tool (based on our design)
  • 4 x Spare Atomizer Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • 2 x Spare Carb Cap Tube O-rings
  • 1 x Wall Plug – US inside – UK included for UK orders
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
  • Cotton buds/Q-tips
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Upgraded Carry Case

Button Functions

  • Hold – Manual fire up to 60 seconds
  • Two clicks – Activate session mode – One click to cancel
  • Three Clicks – Change heat setting
  • Four Click – Display power level – Red/Low – White/Medium – Green/Full
  • Five Clicks – Lock or unlock Core 2.0 Base

Sessions times and temperatures

The total session time for the Core 2.0 has been upgraded to 80 seconds, including the pre-heat time.

  • Blue – 12.5 second pre-heat – Approx. 400°
  • Green – 13 second pre-heat – Approx. 425°
  • White – 17.5 second pre-heat – Approx. 465°
  • Red – 22.5 second pre-heat – Approx. 500°

Core vs Core 2.0

Here are some of the key differences between the original Core and the new Core 2.0:

  • Decreased pre-heat time
  • Increase session time
  • Increased total runtime to 80 seconds
  • New V5 heaters, no wire-based coils
  • Atomizer is made of only metal and ceramic
  • Four heat settings
  • Fully rebuildable atomizers – no need to replace the whole housing, just the heater
  • Vortex airflow
  • Glass bubble carb cap replaced with aluminum carb cap
  • Improved button function
  • Upgraded stainless steel carb cap tube


  • Charge your base using the provided wall plug and cable.
  • Fill the bubbler from the top, when it is removed from the base. Ensure any excess liquid has been wiped away and that no water has flooded into the bottom compartment. If this happens turn the bubbler upside down and blow into the air hole at the bottom to clear this section. Then re-fill from the top.
  • Place bubbler onto Core 2.0 Base at an angle, ensuring that the hole in the bubbler base aligns with the vapor pathway in the Core 2.0 base, then gently and firmly push it straight down into place.
  • Check small screws in the atomizer base which hold the heater legs are done up fully. These need to be tightened so they are firm, but not so much that they cut the wire legs off the heater. When this is done screw the atomizer into the Core 2.0 base.
  • Place the carb cap tube on the base so that the wider angled side sits at the top, leaving the carp cab on the tether so that you can load concentrate onto the heater.
  • Select your desired heat setting (start low if you’re not sure).
  • Now that’s all done we get onto the vaping methods as there are different ways the Core 2.0 can be used!

Methods of Use

  • Cold Starts – This method is best for getting the most flavor and material preservation as you start using as soon as vapor is being produced. Using it in this way will cause the session temperatures to be slightly lower than otherwise because the air passing around the heater will decrease heating speed. You can start your session at any point, we suggest keeping an eye on the button flashes so that you can always begin after a set number of flashes, if desired, providing a very consistent and repeatable experience.
  • Load material into the heater
  • Press the fire button twice to activate session mode
  • When your concentrate starts to bubble begin using gently with the carb cap left off
  • When the Core 2.0 base vibrates place the carb cap back on and continue your use as you normally would
  • For subsequent sessions just use as desired, when the flavor leaves your material, the vapor becomes harsh or stops being produces press the fire button once more to cancel the session
  • If you still have material left inside at the end of the session simple hit the fire button twice again and start using immediately, no need to wait for the vibrate as your heater will already be close to adequate temperature. The second session will always run a little hotter than the first if it is started straight after
  • Hot Starts –  This way allows the heater to reach full temperature for any given setting; so this method is best for getting the maximum cloud production and effects as quickly as possible.


  • Wipe out heater with a Q-tip after each use
  • Clean the area around the RDA heater weekly to stop residue building up
  • Every month or so wipe out the airway with a Q-tip soaked in ISO – allow to fully dry before use
  • Replace bubbler water daily
  • To clean bubbler fill with hot water and shake to remove large residues. Soak in ISO to fully clean. Rinse thoroughly with warm water after soaking.

Safety Features

  • Over-charge
  • Over-discharge/Low battery
  • Over-heat
  • Low heater resistance
  • Short-circuit
  • No atomizer


  • CE Certified
  • ROHS Certified Materials
  • FCC Certification
  • FDA Approved Silicone
  • UN 38.3 Certified Li-Ion Battery Pack.
Warning Lights
When your Core 2.0 base flashes three times it’s trying to tell you something…
  • Blue – Short-circuit warning
  • Green – No atomizer warning
  • White – Over-heat warning
  • Red – Low battery warning

Additional information

Weight 8 oz

4 reviews for Core 2.0 E-Rig

  1. Chris saunders (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. You couldn’t ask for a better e rig.puff co who? Half the price and leagues better. Great service and fast shipping.

  2. Jaime Lier (verified owner)

    Absolutely in love with this thing and this company. Had a mishap with the first core being baptized by usps and HCH sent me a replacement the same day I sent them an email about the wet package. I’ve never had better customer service anywhere!

  3. Peter (verified owner)

    Awesome device. Next is the v5 to go with it!

  4. baxaxakot (verified owner)

    One of the easiest, self-explanatory e-rig’s I have used! Not only is it easy to use, it uses a V5 heater!! Way better than the puffco at a more competitive price point.

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