Tincture Sample Bundle

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250mg CBG Tincture

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1500mg CBD Tincture

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250mg Delta-8 Tincture

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5 reviews for Tincture Sample Bundle

  1. Nay (verified owner)

    Great bundle, loved the low cost option to try them all. High quality tinctures. Thanks hch ❤️

  2. Airy (verified owner)

    The sample bundle was the perfect way for me to start with D8 tincture (after using carts). I wasn’t sure of dosing, was afraid to take too much, etc. I also wanted to experiment with blending D8 and CBG, CBD, etc. This is the perfect size, and the products are top-quality.

  3. Austin Holofchak (verified owner)

    I got this and one of their shirts. love everything so far. I give my cat a little bit of the cbd one and I take it before bed and it knocks me out

  4. Matt (verified owner)

    A good assortment for testing tolerance and responsiveness to various options to address pain driven anxiety. These have absolutely no flavoring, which is nice, as some manufacturers flavorings are not my preference. The CBD works well on anxiety. I can’t say that the CBG is doing anything more than the CBD. Delta 8 has had absolutely no psychotropic effects at the 5 mg dose level (a desired outcome for pain management)

  5. Deb (verified owner)

    Gives you the opportunity to try three different products and see which one works best.

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